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Copyright, Trademarks, Trade Names, and Designs

The rights pertaining to the content of this website, including all the information provided (text, trademarks, logos, graphics, etc.) as well as its functionality (software, icons, etc.), editing, and arrangement related to our company or are being used by our company with the relevant rights to do so.

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Our company has exercised optimum diligence and faith to compile and post relevant information on this website, but JIMRO should not be responsible for the accuracy, usefulness, timeliness, or completeness of the information on this website. This website provides information on the products our company produces, sells as well as generic information related to health and disease.

Decisions regarding the treatment of individual patients should be made only after consultation between the patient and the patient’s physician or medical professionals, taking into consideration the patient’s particular circumstances and needs. The information posted on this website should not be assumed as specific information provided by a doctor, nurse, clinical engineer, or as an alternative information to such advice.

In addition, no guarantee is offered regarding interruptions to the usability of this website, the occurrence of errors, appearance of computer viruses on this website or its servers, or the existence of any other harmful event.

Additionally, users of this website agree that they have personal responsibility regarding all risks associated with accessing and using this website. JIMRO does not provide any guarantees or assume any responsibility with regard to any damage related to the use of this website.

Similarly, JIMRO assumes no responsibility for any issue related to the content of any other website that is accessed via this website. Anybody who accesses a linked website, he or she must accept the terms of that website.

Changes to the Information on this website

From time to time, the information posted on this website as well as its address (URL) are subject to change without prior notice to users.

Service Interruptions or Suspension
Similarly, the services provided on this website are subject to temporary, but inevitable interruptions or suspension, in whole or in part, without prior notice. Our company assumes no responsibility, regardless of the reason for any damage due to the aforementioned service interruptions or suspensions.

Handling of Personal Data

Our company may collect the personal data of users when they use the provisions provided in this website. If we collect personal data, which may include the user’s name, affiliation, email address, and phone number, we will indicate acknowledge our purpose and obtain the user’ consent in advance. Except in special circumstances, the information we compile will not be used for any purpose other than what has been explained to the user. Additionally, personal data collected from users will be properly managed to ensure it is not illicitly accessed, lost, falsified, stolen, or leaked.

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